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"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 26:6 (ESV)

The Little Flock Pentecostal Church Sunday School is a place where the youngsters of our church get thorough and intensive training of the never changing and infallible Word of the living God also called the Holy Bible.  New challenges are awaiting every child each day as we can all witness in this present times that we are living.  Each year we specifically design an exciting curriculum for every child's spiritual and mental growing needs.  If you or anyone you know would like to send their children to Sunday School here is the perfect opportunity.  Be a part and help make a great difference in a child's life.  Something new that we started this year is a Bible workshop Friday nights for youngsters above the age of 15 years and older.  The purpose behind this new program was to focus on the everyday issues and decisions facing and impacting the youths of this generation.

Little Flock Pentecostal Church is also a proud member and participant of the Pentecostal Youth Fellowship of America.

Youth Leader: Bro. Daniel Mathew
Sunday School Director: Bro. Jaison Varghese
Assistant Director: Bro. Johnson Abraham
P.Y.F.A. Youth Coordinator: Bro. Jim Abraham
Substitute Teachers: Bro. Jim Abraham & Sis. Soley Matthews

-: Sunday School Classes of 2010 :-

Class 1
Kindergarten (Ages 1-5)
Teacher: Bro. Shawn Philip

Class 2: Primary (Ages 6-8)
Teacher: Bro. Daniel Mathew

Class 3: Meddlers (Ages 9-10)
Teacher: Bro.
Jim Abraham

Class 4
Juniors (Ages 11-13)
Teacher: Bro Johnson Abraham

Class 5: Teens (Ages 14-16)
Teacher: Sis. Susan James

Class 6: Hi-Teens (Ages 17-20)
Teacher: Bro. Jaison Varghese



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